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Durrës City Port

Durrës is the second-largest town of Albania, after the capital city Tirana, and the first port of the country.

Durrës has long been the Balkan gateway to the world. Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines all left their mark on its splendid natural harbor, and it remains one of the busiest ports on the Adriatic coast.

Durrës is a sea town with many things to offers to visitors, including great beaches and unique archaeological landmarks.


The Amphitheatre of Durrës, dating back from the beginning of the 2nd century, was discovered only in the 1960s.

It is located in the very center of the city, known in antiquity by the name of Epidamnos or Dyrrachium.

It is one of the most remarkable heritage sites not only in Albania but in the whole Balkan region.

The Amphitheatre of Durrës was in use for more than three centuries. Given its outstanding importance and its exceptional stature and beauty, the amphitheater already attracts numerous tourists.

Venetian Tower

This monument consists of a single tower and wall and is referred to in many guides as the Venetian Tower.

It dates way back to the 400s, during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius I, who was born in this city.

Since its construction, the Venetian Tower has seen some serious action, having been reinforced by the Venetians just before the city’s conquest by the Ottomans.

In 1939 the castle was the base for a ragtag collection of Albanian patriots trying to delay the advance of the Italian army.

Durrës Beach

Durrës beach is the biggest and most popular beach in Albania, with over 10km of white sand and shallow waters perfect for swimming.

The beach retains very high standards and has become a social hotspot for locals and tourists.

There are some top-floor bars around the beach that offer spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea.

Its many recreational facilities keep the people busy playing beach volley and all kinds of other sports.

In the hot summer months, in particular, the bars and restaurants are packed!

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