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One Above One Windows

Cascading steeply to the banks of the Osum River, Berat is a charming UNESCO town, also called the City of 1000 windows.

Build around 2000 years ago, it is a veritable labyrinth of timeworn white-washed streets, uneven cobblestones, and of course, the captivating mosaic of window frames that stare out from every wall, capturing Berat’s two halves, Gorica and Mangalem, in a staring match across the water.

With its countless beautiful architectures.

Berat is a city that you should not miss when you are in Albania.

kalaja beratit.jpg
Berat Castle

This castle is the pride and joy of the city of Berat. It’s courtyard offers spectacular views of the city and the valley below, and you’re sure to get a warm welcome from the friendly inhabitants of the castle’s grounds.

Erected on top of a hill during the 4th century B.C., Berat Castle is as magnificent and elegant as it ever has been.

Encircled by stone walls, with a total of twenty-four watchtowers, is certainly one of the most beautiful in Albania. Its ancient name, dating back to 216 B.C., is Antipatrea. The view from its fortified courtyard reveals the entire city of Berat, the Osum River, and the old bridge of Gorica. 

Osumi Canyons

One of the most spectacular natural attractions not just in Albania but in Europe.

Swim in a natural pool surrounded by the canyon’s unique, green ecosystem.

Hike along the banks of the river Osum through an unspoilt landscape of pine forests and river plains, visiting local landmarks like the Crocodile Head, Love Waterfall.

mali i tomorrit.jpg
Mount Tomorr

Mount Tomorr is a large mountain in southern Albania. Its highest peak, called Çuka e Partizanit, reaches a height of 2,416 m.

It is located east of the towns of Berat and Poliçan and the river Osum.

For its importance and beauty, the Albanian Government declared Tomorr a National Park. Which covers an area of 4,000 hectares. Resembling a natural castle framed by lofty peaks, it is snow-covered in the winter.

Many endangered species are free to roam and live there.

Holds tremendous religious significance for the Abaz Aliu tribe which lives nearby. The Bektashi tribe also calls this area home and organizes a large religious festival every August.

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