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Apollonia was an ancient city in Illyria, located on the right bank of the Aous River (the modern-day Vjosë River). Its ruins are situated in the Fier region, near the village of Pojani.

Apollonia was founded in 588 BCE by Greek colonists. The city flourished during the period of Roman rule in the area and was home to a renowned school of philosophy. 

Today the site can easily be accessed from the nearby city of Fier and offers both unique views of the Adriatic coastline as well as an extensive collection of historical and archaeological items of interest.

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Ardenica Monastery

The Monastery of Ardenica is located close to the village of Kolonja. Built by Byzantine Emperor, Andronikos II Palaiologos in 1282 after the victory against the Angevins in the Siege of Berat.

The monastery has a Byzantine – Orthodox architecture with many Romanesque features.

Inside the monastery is the Saint Mary’s Church, The Chapel of Saint Trinity, a mill and a barn. 

The monastery is famous as the place where, in 1451, celebrated the marriage of the national hero of Albania Skanderbeg with Andronika Arianiti.


Byllis Archeological Park

Byllis as a magical and quiet place providing a breathtaking view of the surrounding Mallakastra and the Vjosa river. 

For the Albanians, the city of Byllis, dating back to the 3rd century B.C, is one of the most important archaeological sites in Albania, was the largest city of Southern Illyria at the time and the whole mountaintop was fortified, with Hellenic regular-street plan and buildings. 

Julius Caesar made the Byllis city a colony, and a number of its citizens left their mark in the Roman period. The Byllis site comprises the theater which is, of course, the most important monument of the ancient city, and together with large stoa and stadium forms the agora.

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Divjakë - Karavasta National Park

"Laguna e Karavastasë" is the largest lagoon in Albania and one of the largest in the Mediterranean Sea.

The lagoon is situated in the west of Albania is cut off from the Adriatic Sea by a long sandy bar and the nearest town is Lushnje.

The Karavasta lagoon is famous for the rare Dalmatian Pelican which nests there. In fact, 5% of the world's population of this type of pelican is found in this lagoon.  

The area is valued for its biodiversity, the beauty of its natural landscape, its role in the local economy, it hosts lagoon fisheries, vegetable and livestock farming, and for its touristic appeal.

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