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Skanderbeg Square

All roads in Tirana lead to Skanderbeg Square, the statue of the national hero "Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu", who led the country in many successful resistances to the fifteenth-century Ottoman invasions. The imposing National History Museum sits at the north side of the square and is worth a quick visit, particularly for archeological discoveries.

Heading clockwise around the square you’ll find the Palace of Culture, which houses the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

Then comes the gorgeous Et’hem Bey Mosque. Right next door is the tall clock tower, which can be climbed for views of the square.

Mount Dajti

Travelers who want to escape the noise and energy of Albania’s capital will find peace and quiet in the picturesque hills of Mount Dajti (Mali i Dajtit), just a short drive from Tirana.

Fit and intrepid travelers can hike along scenic trails to the top of this 1,613-meter tall mountain.

Those who prefer to take in nature in a more leisurely way can still access all this beautiful destination has to offer, thanks to a cable car that provides a fast track option straight to the top.

Travelers can look out over epic views that include the Adriatic Sea, the city of Tirana, and more.

The Artificial Lake

This 230-hectare public park is the city's lung. Here you can relax in the green grass by the artificial lake or stroll in the Botanical Garden of Tirana and watch all the beautiful plants and flowers.

Many of the city’s inhabitants come here to relax, play and picnic. Also, some people fish, swim, or run around the park.

You can sit in the bars near the lake for a coffee, drink, or to enjoy the local delicious food.

Among the park’s small collection of monuments are the statues of the Frashëri brothers, who helped catalyze Albania’s national awakening towards the end of the 19th century.

Tirana Nighlife

The nightlife of the Albanian capital it is varied and focuses on a good variety of clubs open till late, with live music, famous DJs, dancing, and fun until the morning. There are plenty of cocktail bars and traditional breweries to drink late into the night.

Usually, The evening begins with “walk”, an evening stroll in the company, stopping for a drink in a bar, then to move in nightclubs of Tirana.

The nightlife is concentrated mainly in the "Blloku", definitely the center of nightlife in the city crowded on weekends by hundreds of young people looking to party. This is the most popular and expensive area of ​​Tirana: was once the communist elite residential area, while today Blloku is the coolest area and at the forefront of the whole city.

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